Do those you care about suffer from any of the following...?
· Memory decrease (MCI) · Confusion · Cognitive decline · Loneliness · Reduced activity and motivation ·  Dementia · Alzheimer's · Parkinsons ??

 Memoapp is the first HANDS FREE Home Care Smart Screen maintains an active reminder routine. It restores confidence, independence and helps in establishing a regular communication channel with caring family members.

The Memoapp screen is displayed centrally in the home of the user suffering from memory descrease or other aging related challenges, displaying continuous and constant personal daily information.

It is controlled by the caregiver who is responsible for what is shown and when. The caregiver can write & edit daily personal information to be displayed including daily activities, guests visiting, reminders of important health issues (doctors, treatments, medicines, hygiene), nutrition, etc…. Information is displayed on the screen from morning till evening, according to the user's hours of activity, in a conspicuous manner, helping the user to lead an independent and active lifestyle and helping Family members to be in touch with their loved ones with resulting peace of mind.

Memoapp contributes to "active ageing" and "independent functioning" conributes to strengthens the user sense of self-confidence, assists in dispelling feelings of loneliness and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety which are a virtue of longevity.
MemoApp becomes a method of treatment. It does not require any operational or technical intervention by the user. It simply succeeds in "extracting life" from a person who is in mental decline, restoring him or her to routine and activity.

The project was launched at the beginning of 2016 following the need and desire to help an elderly father suffering from dementia and is currently successfully installed in homes and instistuations in Israel.

 Memoapp help people with cognitive decline, Demencia and older adults to be independent at home and make better their wellbeing and Quality of Life- ZERO tech or digital skills needed! 

“I wake up in the morning, I do not know what day it is, where I am, what I need to do now, where the children are. Total darkness. This is how the life of a person who has lost his memory feels. "

Moshe, 44, from Rishon Lezion, underwent brain surgery about a year and a half ago, the surgery became complicated and in the end Moshe woke 
up when his memory was damaged and he is unable to remember almost anything from his life before the surgery.

"Until a year and a half ago, I lived a completely normal life," says Moshe. “Gets up in the morning, goes to work, spends time with family. And suddenly I woke up to a reality where I have no control over my life, just do not remember. It didn’t just affect me, the whole house around me went into a spin. I could not find rest and like Bloop I asked my wife and children the same questions dozens of times a day, simply because I could not remember that I had already asked them and had already received answers - what should I do today? what day is it today? Where are the children?

"We were helpless," says Susie, Moshe's wife, "there was constant tension in the house, because we had to adapt to a situation in which Moshe was completely dependent on us and he himself felt helpless."

In one of the conversations with the social worker, we were offered to join the Smart Homes program, and since then our lives have changed. ”

The "Smart Homes" program examines the integration of digital means and adapts digital solutions within the home space, to promote independent living and to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

We met with the program coordinator - Orit, who listened to the day-to-day challenges we experienced and told us about a technology system called "MemoApp" developed for people with memory impairment and aims to help a person manage his life independently, reduce dependence on those around him and control his agenda.

"The MemoApp lit up the darkness for me" says Moshe, "I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is go to the MemoApp" and so instead of bothering the family endlessly with questions and concerns, all my answers are there: the smallest details like what day it is, What is the date and what is the weather, but also pictures, songs, reminders, tasks, everything is concentrated in one place that gave me back control over life. "

I was apprehensive at first, as I am not a very technological person, but I was trained and saw that I was able to handle it and even quite easily, and these moments that I suddenly see a picture that pops up in memo and manages to remember the moment taken give me real hope. .

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