Do those you care about suffer from any of the following...?
· Memory decrease (MCI) · Confusion · Cognitive decline · Loneliness · Reduced activity and motivation ·  Dementia · Alzheimer's · Parkinsons - Memoapp maintains an active reminder routine. It restores confidence, independence and helps in establishing a regular communication channel with caring family members.

The Memoapp screen is displayed centrally in the home of the user suffering from memory descrease or other aging related challenges, displaying continuous and constant personal daily information.
It is controlled by the caregiver who is responsible for what is shown and when. The caregiver can write & edit daily personal information to be displayed including daily activities, guests visiting, reminders of important health issues (doctors, treatments, medicines, hygiene), nutrition, etc…. Information is displayed on the screen from morning till evening, according to the user's hours of activity, in a conspicuous manner, helping the user to lead an independent and active lifestyle and helping Family members to be in touch with their loved ones with resulting peace of mind.
Memoapp contributes to "active ageing" and "independent functioning" conributes to strengthens the user sense of self-confidence, assists in dispelling feelings of loneliness and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety which are a virtue of longevity.
MemoApp becomes a method of treatment. It does not require any operational or technical intervention by the user. It simply succeeds in "extracting life" from a person who is in mental decline, restoring him or her to routine and activity.
The project was launched at the beginning of 2016 following the need and desire to help an elderly father suffering from dementia and is currently successfully installed in homes and instistuations in Israel.

 Memoapp help people with cognitive decline, Demencia and older adults to be independent at home and make better their wellbeing and Quality of Life- ZERO tech or digital skills needed!